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Mahajans Business Solutions provides a broad spectrum of accounting and financial services that all focused on help every organization reach its unique business goals. We will look after all the financial details of your business, so you can concentrate more on the most essential aspects of your business.


When you are facing an ever-changing global economy, it is important to have an expert at your side who can assist you in navigating through the constantly evolving accounting standards and to deal with the changing regulatory environment. At Mahajans Business Solutions, we can guarantee to assist you through all the risk and uncertainties of change.

The responsibilities and pressures of corporate governance and financial reporting for both public and private companies in Canada has essentially reached unparalleled levels with new standards that are becoming more intricate. For many Canadian companies, those new standards mean improved access to international funding, capital as well as investment opportunities.

Our accountants have the knowledge and expertise requires to effectively navigate the evolving financial priorities. We have unique and excellent processes and approach for all our clients. Whether it is offer counsel for CFOs, business owners, CEOs, senior executives or dealing with the introduction of IFRS or International Financial Reporting Standards, we always maintain independence to add value to each service we offer.

We have Financial Accounting Advisory Service team committed to delivering professional quality assistance even on the most complex issues that arise from the changes in the accounting standards as well as regulatory requirements. Some of the Accounting services we offer include:

  • Monthly, Quarterly, Year-End Review

  • Financial Statements & Reports

  • Management Reporting

  • Books Cleanup

  • Cash Flow / Budgeting

  • Financial Analysis

  • Travel Industry

    Accounting & Assurance

    Bookkeping Services